Daughter of the Bride

a novel

When my mom announced she was getting remarried, I was both excited and disoriented. There she was, pushing 60, widowed, discovering new love, and planning an elaborate wedding. There I was, of prime marrying age (29,)dating like mad, and finding nothing but frustration. As I helped her pick out her white wedding gown, I realized I was acting as the “mother of the bride” to my own mother.

I sought etiquette guides, novels, self-help books - anything to help me through the process - but came up empty-handed.

So, I wrote a book: Daughter of the Bride.

The novel will resonate with anyone trying to make sense of our upside-down world, in which parents act like children, children act like parents, and marriage isn't reserved for the young.

Amid these awkward circumstances, there is humor: at the bridal salons, the salesladies often thought I was the bride. There is opportunity: my mother and I grew closer as we navigated our way through the process. And there is hope: in our parents' remarriages, we can find proof that it's never too late to find love.


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